Black Canyon River Adventures

My husband and I just returned from another trip to Las Vegas (stay tuned for upcoming posts about our trip). We had an amazing time exploring the strip, but one of the best experiences started about 25 minutes away from the neon lights.

SKYWe wanted to get a better sense of what the state of Nevada is all about, so we booked the Black Canyon Raft Tour with Black Canyon River Adventures. Adult tickets are $99, kiddos between ages 5 and 12 are $66, and the littles who are 4 and under are FREE! The National Park entrance free is  $10 for those over 16 years of age. They also offer round trip transportation from Las Vegas hotels for only $59! They pick you up in a super swanky limo style shuttle bus stocked with bottled water and soda ❤ What a great way to start the day!

HooverThe raft departs from the base of the Hoover Dam and ends at Willow Beach Marina.  Speaking of the raft… it has comfy seats in the center aisles, but might I recommend riding on the pontoons themselves?! BEST IDEA EVER…seriously,  you have to try it. The tour is a little over 3 hours, and includes a picnic lunch on a secluded beach! The beaches are so pure and beautiful, and the Colorado River is crystal clear. You can see straight to the bottom!


Our tour guide was Brian. He’s a sweet and funny guy who is very knowledgeable about the history of the canyon and surrounding area.  He provided us with a perfect balance of educational bits (for nerds like myself) and peaceful silence (for people seeking complete relaxation…like my husband). Fun fact: Did you know that the Black Canyon was formed by millions of years of volcanic activity?

BEachThe rest of the staff are equally as amazing. All are friendly, patient, and genuinely good people. One of my  favorite things about this company is that they are truly passionate about protecting and preserving our environment.

My husband and I both agree that the next time we return to the city of neon lights, another tour with Black Canyon River Adventures is a “must do”!

Have any of you had the opportunity to raft down the Colorado River? What was your experience like?

xoxo, Shana




  1. I’ve never been anywhere West! The bucket list in my head is overflowing with traveling-musts and I can’t wait to finally be able to do all of them. Rafting down the Colorado River sounds so great!! I’m glad you enjoyed your trip.

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