Trapped Toledo

One of my least favorite things about winter is the lack of things to do. There’s nothing worse that being stuck in the house when it’s cold and gray outside! This past weekend my friends and I decided we’d try a local attraction called “Trapped Toledo“. Instagram

Trapped Toledo is an escape game, but it’s different from the others that I have tried! They specialize in creating an interactive and immersive theater experience. They are able to do this by incorporating actors into the rooms…and let me tell you, these actors will blow your mind! They take their jobs very seriously and successfully remain in character throughout the entire experience.

We choose to participate in the “Mutated” experience. If you are a zombie lover (like myself) then this one is for you! It was intense but fun…I laughed, I screamed…and even questioned my intelligence! Check out this link to a video to learn more about what “Mutated” is all about.  IMG_0445

At this point, I’m fairly certain you’re wanting to know if my friends and I were able to escape, am I right?! The answer would be no, sadly we were mutated and have to live out the remainder of our lives as zombies. It was really a win/win for me…have I mentioned I’m OBSESSED with zombies??

Have any of you been to Trapped Toledo? Or any other immersive escape games? What was your experience like ?

xo, Shana



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