Bermuda (Take Two)

About a month ago I wrote a post about the first time I visited Bermuda.  I was a naive, but very fun and spunky 19 year just looking for a good time. So, when my husband suggested we visit the island for a vacation I was ecstatic to get to see the island through a new set of (much more mature) eyes.


This time we set sail with the Royal Caribbean cruise line’s “Explorer of the Seas”. Our ship was set to depart from Cape Liberty (Bayonne, NJ) at 4pm but was delayed due to some bad weather. I was pretty annoyed by this but ya always gotta look for the silver lining, right? Well my friends…the delayed departure gave my husband and I the unique  opportunity to view the New York City skyline, and the Statue of Liberty from the water at night! What an amazing and surreal experience!

Since we didn’t get settled in until about 10pm we were really only interested in ordering some room service and calling it a night. The room was cozy in size but the bed was AMAZING, so that made up for our lack of space! My husband and I laid in bed for a while talking about all of the awesome things we had planned for the duration of our trip! Swimming with dolphins, Horseshoe Bay, a round of golf….the list went on and on! The water was choppy from the storms in the area so needless to say it didn’t take long before we were rocked to sleep 😉

Guess what I woke up to the next morning?! Seriously, I can’t even make this up…..Strep throat and Bronchitis. Well technically at the time, all I knew was that I felt like death…I NEVER self diagnose (ha ha yea right).  Anyhow, it came completely out of the blue…and all I had in my bag was some Ibuprofen. Ugh. Then I remembered that they  have a doctor on board so I quickly made an (very expensive) appointment. I was stoked, I thought “I’ll get some antibiotics and this whole thing will have just been a minor inconvenience”. That was of course until the doctor on call decided that I simply had a “virus that needed to run its course”. Whatever Mr. Cruise ship Doctor on a power trip.  So there I was bobbing around in the middle of the ocean feeling like death becomes her… with an arsenal of Ibuprofen. Woop-Dee-Doo!

While at sea I rarely left our room, so sadly I missed out on a lot of amenities the ship had to offer. I can say however, that they had superb room service…and the ice cream….OHHH the ice cream!! My husband found great joy in making fun of the massive amounts of ice cream I consumed throughout our trip…how rude!

After a couple of days at sea we finally docked at the Royal Navy Dockyard! While it was beautiful I didn’t think it was nearly as lovely as the port in St. George.  We nosed around the Dockyard stopping in some shops and grabbing a bite to eat before heading to Horseshoe Bay on the Pink Death Traps 😉


Thankfully we made it safely to Horseshoe Bay, and it was just as breathtaking as it was the first time I laid my eyes on it. Unfortunately, I was too sick to swim…or stay long for that matter. We walked the beach for about 20 minutes before I gave up and asked my poor husband if we could go back to the ship so I could sleep 😦


So much for swimming with dolphins, and our golf outing. I spent the rest of our trip in bed binging on massive amounts of ice cream.

Oh, and ready for this?? As soon as we got back to The States I went to the nearest urgent care. AND it was no virus…I had Strep Throat and Bronchitis!! ….at least I finally got my antibiotics…

Any of you ever have your vacation completely ruined by getting sick?




  1. I did that exact same cruise! Sorry to hear you were sick for it, Bermuda is awesome! I actually just recently had this happen to me, while we were in Ireland. I was sick in bed for more than a day and my poor husband and me only saw the inside of the Savoy (the movie theater in Dublin) an our hotel room for two days straight!

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    • Oh my goodness that is too funny!

      I am SO sorry to hear that you were stuck in bed in Ireland! Being sick on vacation is the absolute worst! Bermuda is awesome isn’t it? I’d like to go back again and try out another cruise line.

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  2. Oh Gog, I’m so sorry.
    It happened to me too a couple of years ago on Rhodes. I’m always paranoid, bringing with me tons of meds, most of which I never use. So, for once in my life, I decide not to. Guess what? I couln’t talk, swallow, I had a fever, no swimming, no ice-cream (I totally understand your obsession). Yes, half of my vacation ruined.


  3. Getting sick on vacation sounds horrible, so sorry to hear that. Bermuda sounds like a cool trip, especially together with your better half.


  4. Oh no! It always comes at the wrong time, I sometimes think it’s because we relax and then it hits us, I was really ill the first we took the children to Disneyland Paris. Although it is an excuse to go again 😉


  5. Ohhhhh no. That`s so annoying when we are waiting desperately to go for holidays and we can`t enjoy them because of some health issues. At least you had lovely landscapes and views. Good enough to have some happy memories 😀

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  6. Oh that is horrible! What a bummer to spend your trip sick! At least they had amazing ice cream! My first trip to Florida, I got extremely sick. (Though I never self-diagnose either), I am pretty sure I had food poisoning, dehydration, and the flu all at once. I spent most of the trip in bed or stuck in the bathroom. I barely ate anything at all, and apparently, I missed out on the best Key lime pie my parents have ever had.


  7. Oh man! Of all the vacations to miss out on for being sick! Yes – I have been sick on a vacation. We decided to take the kids on a vacation of a lifetime to Disney. We stayed in their best suites and booked all the best tours and private shows. Monday, I chalked being tired up to the long day of travel. Tuesday, I chalked it up to doing to much on Monday. By Wednesday, I was so sick I barely made it out of bed. We took the kids to Universal – and I missed out on the Harry Potter rides because I was so sick. I stayed in bed the rest of the trip – but at least my husband made sure the kids had fun.


  8. So Jealous, I haven’t even gone once to bermuda and here you are going twice. I’m happy I get to live the experiences with you through your blog.


  9. Yes, I had a vacation ruined when I was a teenager visiting family in Texas and I woke up one morning feeling like a 18 wheeler truck ran me over a hundred times. I was sick the whole time we where there and maybe the week after we got home.


  10. oh no! i hate getting ill while abroad! I recently got really ill in nepal and it was hell! i wanted to enjoy it there but was struggling and was feeling so rough! I hope you had a good trip other than the fact you got ill!

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  11. Oh! Totally relatable. And yes, on my trek back from Bhrigu Lake in HP, India this year in Sep, I literally had to crawl myself back to the base camp. The high altitude and the views were taking my breath away. 🤕 then I only remember gulping down a large mug of black coffee (even though I’m a tea person) and when I opened my eyes it was next day. 😩


  12. Oh, sorry no dolphin swim! I have been sick on a few travels and it is no fun at all. I’ve actually stayed longer than intended at a place because I didn’t feel I could drive. This made me think of a “date” I had with my grandson – dinner a movie. Movie first – by the end we were both so sick there was no follow for dinner. And that is half the fun – discussing what we saw!


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