8 Travel Hacks Saving You HUNDREDS of Dollars

it's a bowling birthday party (3)

  1. Book your flight on a Tuesday or Wednesday, 1 – 3 months prior to your departure.
  2. Most of the time it is cheapest to fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Saturday.
  3. Use my Priceline Hack to save tons of money on a  sweet hotel room
  4. When browsing the internet for flights and hotels search in “incognito” mode and clear your cache  before you make the purchase. This prevents the sites from saving your browsing info and slowly start rising the price on ya!
  5. Seriously consider giving budget airlines a chance! They are actually really great!
  6. If your traveling with family consider renting a house for your stay. Not traveling with as many people? That’s ok, book a hotel room with a kitchenette. You’ll save boat loads of money by eating one meal a day at your own place!
  7. Eat and sight-see like a local. Tourist traps are not only expensive but you never get what you pay for. Order an Uber and ask them to take you to one of their favorite “non-touristy” spots to sight-see or eat. This is a double hack because they are usually happy to offer a “guided tour” on the way to your destination.
  8. Sometimes you just have to ask. You will be surprised at how many complimentary upgrades you can get by simply asking them. See how I scored a rooms upgrade and free deserts here

What are your favorite money saving travel hacks?

xoxo, Shana



  1. I’m with you on renting a house. We haven’t stayed in a hotel in years, minus a short overnighter when driving. It’s not so much about cost savings for us as much as privacy and comfort. Good tips on airfare. 😃👍🏻

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  2. That clearing you cache trick is blowing my mind. I’ve probably lost so much money not doing that! It makes me a little sad to think that companies are doing that, but now I know a way around it.

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  3. I split everything down, no packages. When travelling I ask ahead, always asking for a deal me 🙂 I saved loads doing this in my year trip.
    Complimentary will be my next challenge 🙂
    Thanks for the Tuesday, Wednesday tip!

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  4. Wow!! These tips on how to save money on travel are so amazing!!! I will definitely keep it in my mind. It will help me for my next travel, for sure.


  5. Great ideas! One thing that I love to do when we stay at a hotel, is stay at an Embassy Suites or Hampton where they offer free full, hot breakfast. Embassy even includes free drinks in the evening. Money that can be saved or used on something else.


  6. Great tips! My family likes to just get in the car and start driving with no set plan. Priceline has been amazing for us to get great last minute deals on hotel rooms.


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