Bermuda (Take One)

Many many moons ago (try 15 years), a girlfriend and I went on a 7 night Norwegian Cruise Line cruise to Bermuda. Our ship was to embark from Boston Massachusetts so we decided to take advantage of the location and spend a couple days there. I quickly discovered that Boston is a history lovers paradise! We spent our days exploring historic cemeteries,  and strolling down the cobblestone streets of Beacon Hill admiring the federal style row houses. Ever since getting a taste of Boston so many years ago, I have been yearning to return to experience more beautifully preserved historic treasures.

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The ship was the Norwegian Majesty.  This particular ship is no longer sailing, but during her hay day she was quite the gem! Of course now-a-days ships come with a million more bells, whistles, glitz and glam. However, no matter how nice the ship was for her time, the real beauty was in our destination. Bermuda.

Our ship docked in the historic St. George. The Town of St. St George was founded in 1609 by Sir George Somers after his ship wrecked on a nearby reef.  Old town = loads of amazing historical stuff for Shana!

The heart of St. George is the town center, “King’s Square”. Here they hold historical reenactments, ceremonies, and other performances.  Just down the street from King’s Square you will find a row of waterfront taverns and restaurants. History buffs will delight in the historic architecture that has been lovingly tended to throughout the years.

Bermuda has a pretty decent public transit system known as the Pink Death Traps Bermuda Breeze Bus. These pink buses will zip and swerve throughout the narrow streets of Bermuda delivering you anywhere you could possibly want to go. My personal favorite, Horseshoe Bay Beach.

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Horseshoe Bay Beach is known for it’s blush pink sand beaches and crystal clear turquoise waters. We spent most of our vacation lolling around at this amazing beach.

While I have been blessed enough to once again visit Bermuda, I was not able to find the time to make it back to St. George.

Have any of you ever been? What were your favorite things to do and see?

Xoxo, Shana




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