Why I Choose Budget Airlines

I hate flying. HATE it. Airplanes have always caused me a tremendous amount of anxiety. I blame it on my parents allowing me to watch La Bamba at very young age. Thanks mom and dad.   image1 (2)

This is part, if not all of the reason that I prefer to fly with budget airlines for domestic travel. Yep you heard that right…little miss terrified prefers budget airlines. This was a surprisingly easy choice once I learned of all the safety requirements ALL airlines are required to abide by.

Most recently my family and I traveled  with Spirit airlines. I was extremely hesitant because I heard so many people complain about the cramped area, hard seating, crappy service, yada yada.

Here’s what I learned with my experience:

  1. Not many other airlines can even come close to the base ticket price.
  2. $10.00 extra bucks to pick your own seat (if you want) is not that big of a deal
  3. They’ve increased the size of the free personal item you can bring on the plane. My bag was big enough to fit two outfits, my electronics, mid flight snacks (yes I packed my own) and several mini liquor bottles!
  4.  What are these hard plastic seats people are yammering on about? Mine was nice and cushiony!
  5. I’ll admit the personal space is a bit smaller than other airlines but it’s not that bad. Especially if you are only flying for a few hours.
  6. Lastly, I have no complaints about the customer service. They were sensitive to my flight anxiety, and were prompt with keeping my glass of ice and Diet Coke filled!
  7. If your concerned about the lack of in flight entertainment just come prepared. I downloaded music to my phone, and a movie to my tablet. Problem solved.

image2 (1)

I think flying with budget airlines rock.  And what rocks even more is saving a couple hundred buck by choosing them.

What’s  your favorite airline to fly with?

xo, Shana








  1. I’ve only flown once (from Cleveland, OH to Las Vegas). It’s good to know about those budget airliners though! We are going on a trip next year so I’ll be looking ASAP (when the flights become available of course)

    I agree about the entertainment value: bring your own! Most people don’t enjoy the same things so headphones are perfect!

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  2. I always fly with Air Canada! Budget airlines in Canada still typically run you $500-600/flight when booked 2+ months ahead, so it’s worth it to pay the extra $100 AND receive all of the amenities that come with it. When I lived in Ireland, I flew mostly with Ryanair!


  3. My only flight was booked by the military so I don’t have much experience. We plan on doing a flight to Las Vegas soon so I’ll have to make sure I keep an open mind!

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  4. I flew with an expensive airline from Cape Town to London. It was my own virgin flight (or losing flight virginity) and had to listen to Robbie Williams over and over and over and again – there and back. To think, I really paid for that. It is like the typical repeat dstv channels but stuck on one programme. 16,560 miles or 26,562 km of the same music video. Things like iPod, mp3 players must be a better deal.

    Flying much longer distances on cheaper airlines didn’t hurt, either. Interestingly, we still flew in a 747 with nice seats most of the way, with smaller 767’s on the 4 4hr legs. It were the small 737-200 in domestic connections that perfectly peeved me. We were three in the row, I am 6ft tall and weigh about 225lbs yet I was the midget. Give me the PremierClasse train to travel across South Africa instead. Four star luxury and two lounges, one for smokers, two dining cars, great food, accommodation similar to first class on many airlines but costing well below business class. And we have a really cheap but still very comfortable tourist class train costing much less than most cheap airlines.

    I only fly where trains really won’t go.


  5. I make my flying decisions based on price. I have no real preference probably because I always bring a delicious meal and snack with me. I will say my most memorable flight was on Singapore Air. It was perfection. I have never felt so lovingly cared for in my life. Glad you got over your fears. There is too much to see and do in the world to allow flying fear to rule your life.

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