HalloWeekends at Cedar Point

While I wouldn’t necessarily consider Cedar Point to be the most affordable trip…my family and I only go once a year so it isn’t a horrible expense in the big picture.

We stayed at the LaQuinta Inn Sandusky near Cedar Point. The rooms are no frill but they are comfortable, clean and they offer a complimentary hot breakfast buffet. At a rate of about $80.00 a night, and a short 5 minute drive to Cedar Point, you really can’t go wrong.

On the other hand, Cedar Point’s ticket price is a bit ridiculous at $43.00 a crack…plus they nickle and dime you to death. Ya know, $5.00 cans of pop, $12.00 Cheeseburgers….oh and did you know that they sell “Fast and Fright Lane Passes” to the the rides and haunted houses (sold separately of course). These passes allow you to skip the long lines and jump right to the front. Ugh, whatever Cedar Point.


Here’s what we did to help control the cost. Since we aren’t huge roller-coaster adventurers anymore we skipped the “Fast Pass” and purchased the Admission+Fright Lane ticket for $68.00 a piece. With over 20 haunted attractions…and a family OBSESSED with haunted houses…this was a no brainer! Their haunted attractions are second to none. We laughed, we screamed…and we ran for our lives! Gotta watch out for them zombies, cause they are super sketchy…

The lines for the newer and more aggressive roller coasters had wait times of 1-2 hours. Totally worth it when I could ride them without yacking everywhere….ya know like 10 years ago….but now, not so much. Anyhow, we only ride the smaller ones like the Iron Dragon, and Gemini. Our longest wait was only about 20 minutes, which was completely doable!

Cedar Point recently added food and drink packages to their arsenal of extras you can purchase. We chose the All Day Dining package (drinks not included) for each of us at $31.99 a piece. This enables you to receive an entree and a side at any of the participating restaurants every 90 minutes! Have you ever tried to eat an entire meal every 90 minutes? We tried (ya know had to get the most out of it), and failed miserably…waaayyyy too much food! My only regret is purchasing a package for my son because he was too excited to eat anything…all day long…smh.

I have a feeling we will be spending more time at Cedar Point now that our son is getting older. Overall it was a great time, and well worth the money.

I’m curious, any other Cedar Point or haunted house lovers out there?



  1. Holy cow, I love roller coasters. I’ve heard that Cedar Pointe is the holy grail of roller coasters. I want to go there so bad, but when the whole park is closed down just for me. I would be tempted to wait in the 2 hour lines, but would feel like I would miss everything.

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      • Ugh yes! There’s a dedicated line for the fast pass people, and then every time a new train comes in they let a crap ton of fast pass people get on before letting any of us average joes on! Literally while waiting the whopping 20 minutes for the Gemini…I witness the same group of people get off the ride and right back on it by the time I even moved! They get ya because the fast pass ticket add-on is expensive….so not everyone can afford it.


      • Yeah, when I heard they charged for a fast pass, I thought it was a joke, cause Disney doesn’t charge. Or do they now? Anyways, I guess it would be worth it, once, especially with all the roller coasters there.


  2. We have six flags magic mountain out here with the insane roller coaster. The next day I have whiplash from them. Sounds like you guys had a blast. Scary mazes are the best.


  3. I’ve been to Cedar Point once but it was a long time ago, and not for Halloween. Would love to get back there, but it’s quite a distance from most destinations in the US I want to visit.
    I do plan on going to Chicago again one day, so can maybe work it in!


  4. Cedar point is our absolute favorite park! Over the past few years, we’ve been making our way through all of the Cedar Fair parks and Six Flag parks. We’ve had some great experiences, but Cedar Point is by far our fav. Worth the 4 hour drive from Pittsburgh, we’ve done it in a day trip a couple of times. We’ve had good luck with crowds just before school starts or just after it’s out for the year. Would love to go for Halloween sometime! Thanks for sharing!


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